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What kind of housing opportunities does IHO have for me?

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Who do I call if I want to live in an IHO Community?

Please contact our sites directly. Each of our sites will have its own process for application. Call the number at the bottom of the community descriptions. If you have any further questions, contact our office directly.

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Where else can I find housing in Orange County?

The Orange County Housing Authority has many resources for a variety of affordable housing needs. Go to for more information. 2-1-1 Orange County is also a great resource for housing and other services. You can search their database here,

What about for those of us who live outside of Orange County?


US Department of Housing and Urban Development – California Rental Help

Los Angeles

Los Angeles Housing Resource Center
Los Angeles County 2-1-1

San Diego

City of San Diego Affordable Housing Information
San Diego County 2-1-1

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